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Welcome to Adam's Arts and Antiques

We specialize in distinctive and appealing garden statuary and ornaments. Our wildlife sculptures can be the ideal solution to creating attractive and unusual features in your garden. We have a broad selection of items ranging from full size deer, horses, hippos, lions, tigers, boars, bulls, cranes, crocodiles, ducks, elephants, foxes, geese, otters and swans, to flying duck fountains, dolphin fountains and smaller items such as frogs, a variety of dogs, hares, crabs, crows and the like. Cast in bronze or heavy brass, weather resistant, durable and carefully crafted to show lively and realistic detail, the range of models, forms and sizes will ensure that you are able to select the sculpture which will best complement the style and ambience of your garden.

We also have some very distinctive garden seats; in bronze cast in the shape of a panther, or a horse or a sheep.

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